Investing in the Future: Unveiling of renovated classroom at ASUE sponsored by Apricot Capital

Yerevan, February 19, 2024 – The opening of a newly renovated classroom took place at the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE), made possible through the generous support of Apricot Capital, a leading Armenian investment company. The renovation project, initiated in October 2023 through a signed memorandum of cooperation, illustrates the commitment of the parties to advancing education and empowering future generations of professionals in Armenia’s financial sector.

Located within the Financial faculty of ASUE campus, the state-of-the-art classroom is equipped with a cutting-edge smartboard, modern furniture, and an innovative design, creating an inviting and stimulating learning environment for students. Moreover, the space will serve as a hub for exclusive workshop series delivered by Apricot Capital’s top experts on capital markets and investments, providing students with firsthand insights and practical knowledge from industry leaders.

Commenting on the collaboration, Vardan Amaryan, the founder of Apricot Capital, emphasized the importance of partnerships between the private sector and educational institutions. He noted the company’s active cooperation with Armenia’s leading educational institutions through internship programs, project sponsorships, and expert-led lectures and workshops. “We believe that investing in education is investing in the future.”

“This renovated classroom, coupled with our online Apricot Academy resources and expert-led masterclasses, will create a dynamic learning space for students to explore the world of finance and pave the way for successful careers,” noted Vachik Gevorgyan, CEO of Apricot Capital. He added that the company already employs several alumni from ASUE and is delighted to contribute to the education of future talent.

Welcoming the initiative, ASUE Rector Diana Galoyan noted that the Armenian State University of Economics is actively building partnerships with both the public and private sectors of Armenia, the purpose of which is to support the development of students’ practical skills and their professional progress

“In this context, we highly value our cooperation with Apricot Capital, the tangible result of which brings us all joy today. I am confident that this new and modern classroom, renovated by our partner, will strengthen the company’s presence in our university, while providing better learning conditions for students, aligning with our strategic goal of infrastructure improvement,” said Diana Galoyan. The head of the university thanked Vardan Amaryan, the founder of Apricot Capital, and Vachik Gevorgyan, the CEO, for their effective cooperation. The active support in organizational matters for the creation of this new classroom, provided by Vahe Mikayelyan, dean of the finance faculty, was also emphasized.

“Every day, we witness the progress made by our university: the educational environment is improving, and many programs are being implemented. It is very gratifying for us, as students, that our educational process will now be organized in such a stylish classroom. It is very motivating,” said Zhanna Ikhtaryan, a student of ASUE’s finance faculty.


About Apricot Capital:

Apricot Capital is a leading investment company in Armenia, providing investment tools and an efficient platform for both seasoned and beginner investors. Through Apricot Capital mobile app, clients can access the global financial markets and invest in reputable international companies’ stocks, ETFs, Armenian government bonds, and other instruments. 

Apricot Capital is regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia.


About the Armenian State University of Economics:

The Armenian State University of Economics is the leading university in Armenia in the field of business and economics professions. Across its six faculties, approximately 9,000 undergraduate and master’s students receive education through full-time and part-time programs. High admission rates, the establishment of partnership relations with the labor market, the implementation of various international projects, and the research activities of the “Amberd” research center strengthen the university’s position and attractiveness year after year, both among applicants and other external beneficiaries. 


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