The Armenian State University of Economics and Apricot Capital Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

The Armenian State University of Economics, under the leadership of Rector Diana Galoyan, and the Apricot Capital, a licensed investment company in Armenia, led by CEO Vachik Gevorgyan, signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Recognizing the importance of the collaboration between academia and the private sector in shaping students’ educational journey, enhancing their specialization, and facilitating practical application in the business realm, both institutions have expressed their willingness to combine their resources, knowledge, and potential. The collective goal is to provide internship opportunities within the company, host joint seminars and educational meetings, exchange expertise, and explore other collaborations.

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In her address, ASUE Rector Diana Galoyan mentioned; “The University has a dedication to equipping students with not only a solid theoretical foundation but also practical skills in collaboration with the private sector. The memorandum signed with Apricot Capital will strengthen this commitment, and our students will have an opportunity for practical application of their knowledge and a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the labor market.”

Vachik Gevorgyan, the CEO of Apricot Capital, said: “Having a skilled workforce is of paramount importance for the financial sector, especially for the investment companies. Considering that investment activities and such companies are emerging in Armenia, we emphasize the significance of enabling young individuals with the intricacies of this field starting from their student years. In this context, the collaboration between the university and the private sector is more vital than ever. I’m confident that the tangible outcomes of our partnership will soon be visible. Apricot Capital operates on the international stage and employs modern investment tools. Through internships and knowledge-sharing events at our company, young talent will gain access to contemporary trends in international financial markets and expand their knowledge base. Furthermore, high-performing students may secure future employment opportunities with Apricot Capital.”

According to the terms of the memorandum, Apricot Capital will support the enhancement of university facilities, including auditorium renovations and technical upgrades. The renovation of one such auditorium has already started.

Both Diana Galoyan and Vachik Gevorgyan emphasized the pivotal role of well-equipped classrooms within the educational institution. “We are delighted for the willingness of Apricot Capital to improve the learning environment of our students by generously donating an auditorium to the university, which will be named “Apricot” in honor of the company. This gesture aims to promote the company’s visibility among students and further establish its reputation as an employer”, noted the Rector.

The newly renovated auditorium will be opened by the end of this year, serving as a hub for professional seminars, open classes, and meetings.

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