Apricot Capital has launched margin trading with its application

The Armenian-licensed investment company Apricot Capital, henceforth makes investments and margin trading accessible with its new mobile application, contributing to managing clients’ financial resources effectively. Margin trading is an alternative to a bank loan. A margin is provided with the security of financial means, funds or securities, which is used to purchase a security.
“Margin trading, a widely accepted financial practice around the world, started to gain popularity among investment companies. In Armenia, margin trading is just starting to develop, and we, activating this service on our platform, want to contribute to that process. Thus, we give RA residents the opportunity to have access to the securities of reputable international investment companies through margin trading,” says Vachik Gevorgyan, executive director of Apricot Capital. According to him, more investments are made by Armenian residents in the top 7 companies: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Nvidia, Google, and Adobe.

Investing through margin trading has several advantages: it allows investors to increase their trading capital, ensure higher returns by attracting funds from a broker, diversify the portfolio, and occupy a profitable position that would be difficult to use only with equity.
To carry out margin trading through the application, customers, who are already registered with Apricot Capital can gain immediately access to the margin trading tool, if they agreed to activate margin trading when signing the brokerage contract.

Vachik Gevorgyan adds: “In essence, there is no maximum margin limit, it is important for users to be able to properly allocate and use the funds and opportunities given to them. For example, if market fluctuations reach a minimum threshold, the system sends an automatic notification, so-called margin call, for users to either sell their securities or allocate them in some way to avoid losses’’.

Apricot Capital mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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