Apricot Capital – Investment Partner of Doing Digital Forum 2024

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Apricot Capital, a leading investment company, proudly served as the investment partner for the second consecutive year at the Doing Digital Forum held in Yerevan on April 3, 2024. This annual event brings together key figures to explore the transformative impact of digitalization across finance and diverse business sectors.

“We’re happy to return to the Doing Digital Forum”, stated Vardan Amaryan, the Founder of Apricot Capital, the Armenian investment company. “We believe in the potential of digitalization, and see diverse perspectives exchanged as the fuel for digital transformation. DDF’s interactive setting fosters exciting discussions and connections, making it a valuable event to be at.”

The forum’s theme for 2024, “Embracing Opportunities,” highlighted the critical role of digital adoption in driving business success within the rapidly changing landscape.

Apricot’s CEO Vachik Gevorgyan joined industry thought leaders as a speaker on the “Future of Finance” panel, discussing digitalization’s impact on the financial world. He noted Apricot Capital’s commitment to innovation.

The company’s presence at the forum included a dedicated booth where attendees could learn more about Apricot Capital, its services, and its broader mission to foster a strong investment culture in Armenia.


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