“Investments. What, where, when and how”: Apricot Capital organized a media training course

Apricot Capital organized a course aimed at improving financial literacy and promoting an investment culture in Armenia, with a particular focus on mass media representatives. While stock market investing is common worldwide, it is relatively underdeveloped in Armenia due to a lack of awareness.

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According to Vachik Gevorgyan, Executive Director of Apricot Capital, the involvement of mass media is crucial in raising awareness about the stock market․

“One of Apricot Capital’s goals is to make investment tools accessible. That’s why we introduced a platform for individuals to invest independently and manage their savings effectively. In this context, the role of mass media is vital. Hence, we initiated this training to share valuable information and engage with journalists to understand how we can work together to achieve our goals”, he added.

During the course, Vachik Gevorgyan discussed Armenia’s position in the investment landscape, leading investment markets, countries, companies, the fintech sector, and digital transformation trends, highlighting their impact on investments.


Tatevik Karapetyan, Apricot Capital’s account manager, addressed common investment myths, risks, opportunities, and personal money management for competent investment decisions.

Ruzanna Kirakosyan, Product Manager at Apricot Capital, introduced the “Apricot Capital” mobile application and its functionality. She explained the concept of margin trading, emphasizing the advantages of margin trading and the importance of media literacy in accessing reliable information about the financial sector.


Participants in the training had the opportunity to use a demo user account in the Apricot Capital application, allowing them to gain practical experience, purchase securities, and stay updated with market news.

Journalists asked questions about the investment industryto the speakers.

Vachik Gevorgyan, Executive Director of Apricot Capital, announced that similar meetings would be held regularly to attract a broader audience and specialists, ensuring ongoing discussions about the sector and international trends.

The training concluded with a quiz for media representatives to test their knowledge, and they received surprise gifts.

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