Apricot Capital has implemented an online account opening procedure

The investment field in Armenia is relatively new but experiencing dynamic growth.
Therefore, one of the primary objectives of the Apricot Capital is to develop and provide investment tools that are simple and accessible to everyone. The company continues to employ innovative, digital, and advanced solutions, consistently implementing software improvements to enhance the website and mobile application. These enhancements aim to simplify, expedite, and enhance the overall user experience.

Recently, Apricot Capital introduced an online account opening procedure. Instead of visiting the office and filling out forms, the entire process of creating an account can be done online. Now, through a few simple and sequential steps on the website, residents, non-residents, and legal entities in the Republic of Armenia (RA) can automatically have their brokerage account.


“Upon accessing the Apricot Capital website, proceed by selecting the “Open account” button and fill the required personal data”.


A confirmation link is then sent to the provided email address. Click on the link to continue the registration process. After activating the link, download several documents, fill in the data, and proceed to the next stage – the identification (liveness check), which confirms the person’s identity. After identification, customers confirm their decision by clicking the “I agree” button, following which the company proceeds with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. As a result, the account is confirmed, and the client receives the signed contract along with all the necessary permissions to use the application’s tools sent to their email address.

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Since then, the individual, who is a user at Apricot Capital, is provided with a unique username and password, enabling them to access the newly created account and conduct transactions through the app. Experienced specialists of Apricot Capital fully control the account opening process. In case of any problem or question, they are ready to respond quickly and ensure a smooth registration process.

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Considering the increasing interest in gaining investment experience and taking into account the opinions and suggestions of potential clients, the company has decided to reduce the minimum limit for account creation from 500,000 AMD to 100,000 AMD.

According to the analyses by Apricot Capital experts, this represents the minimum and optimal ratio for investors. It can be achieved through savings, enabling the effective distribution of income and the creation of a diversified portfolio. Through this simplified procedure, Apricot Capital enables individuals and businesses to transact efficiently with very simple steps, thereby contributing to financial growth and success.

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